zondag 28 december 2008

Last couple of weeks

A very nice problem at the Bowderstone (see old blog)

The last couple of weeks:

I’m still not sure why I don’t blog more regularly, but I don’t. I do think a lot of things that I would like to write about on my blog, but these thoughts never reach the internet. They stay in my head.
Fortunately I do take picture of moments that I would (potentially) like to have written about on my blog. And somehow pictures don’t seem go out of date as fast as words. So here are some shots that tell what I have been up to the last couple of weeks.

A day off work: out in Yorkshire with Porter, Smith and Andy

The weekend of the 5th of December I went back to Holland to celibrate 'Sinterklaas' with my brother, sister in law, sis and nieces. 'Sinterklaas' can be compared to Santa Claus, but than very different.

My dad and his partner came over the week after Sinterklaas. They honoustly sold 'Traditional Dutch Pantakes' in town

December counted a couple of 'party's': e.g. Sinterklaas, my sis her birthday, Andy's birthday, my mum's birthday and Climb Newcastle's Christmas dinner...

Every week a new cirquit is set at Climb Newcastle, so every now and again I help Andy and Chris with setting

But I am mainly involved with the coaching at Climb Newcastle. I take the kids sessions quite serious...

The weekend before Christmas two of my dearest Dutch friends visited me. It was great havind them around. Thanks again for the funky top fredje (see picture above).

Than there was Christmas.....

And the Christmas Holiday.....so we went to Yorkshire for an afternoon and...
The Bowderstone for a morning. Where Andy finished of the last bloc he had to do on the Bowderstone.

Unfortunatey I have not been able to climb a lot the last couple of weeks due to an infection in one of my toes. Tonight I'm taking my last antibiotic pill, let the training begin again....